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GrandBob: Who Is He?

You'd never know it to look at him, but GrandBob is still a little boy at heart. He likes to run and play, and has been known to ride his bicycle as much as 100 miles in a single day. But GrandBob really loves corny jokes, silly rhymes, and music to tap your foot to. And when he sees the giggles, wiggles, and grins of children responding to his songs, he gets warm all over.

GrandBob was born on a little farm in West Tennessee, but at age two moved to the big city of Nashville. World War II caused the family to move again, this time to Hollywood, California, where he spent most of his “growing up” years. Summers were enjoyed back on his grandfather’s Tennessee farm where he learned to milk cows by hand, pick cotton, and ride Percheron horses. Those were mostly fun-filled days for GrandBob, but they gave him a deep appreciation for the hard work that farm families do to grow the food for our bountiful tables. GrandBob remembers when his grandfather‘s farm first got a telephone, electricity, and indoor plumbing.

GrandBob attended Laurel Elementary, Bancroft Junior High, and Fairfax High School in Hollywood. It was at Laurel that a wonderful music teacher, Mrs. Quick, introduced him to formal musical training. He started by playing percussion in the school orchestra, and by the age of twelve had developed an interest in guitar and bass violin. High school found him playing in a popular big band combo, the Star Dusters. GrandBob also performed solo in various venues in Los Angeles, including the early days of television on KFI-TV.

When he was seventeen, GrandBob’s family moved to Northern Idaho, where he quickly found a niche playing and singing as “Tennessee Bob and his Guitar” on his own live daily radio program over KRPL in Moscow. After graduating from high school, GrandBob migrated back to his native Tennessee to attend David Lipscomb College. There he joined a troupe of fellow college students and a former Grand Ole Opry picker playing country variety shows throughout the Mid-South.

Music has always been a vital part of GrandBob’s life. Over the years he has become an accomplished songwriter, concentrating on the folk, traditional, and children’s music which he loves. His songs have been recorded by a number of artists and have been heard throughout the world in several venues including radio, television, and movies. Since 1998 GrandBob has recorded five albums which have been released on Saddle Sore Records. His first album, “Giggle and Grin With GrandBob” was one of five nominees for the Nashville Music Awards’ “Children’s Album of 1998.” Today he co-writes with school children as a volunteer at the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum in Nashville, and performs at a variety of children's venues.

“GrandBob” is the name that was given him when his first grandchild was born, since she was blessed at the time with nine other living grandparents. It’s a name that has stuck. GrandBob now has nine grandchildren, but he is also known to his friends by his birth name, Robert (Bob) Howard.