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GrandBob: Music Clips & Lyrics

Allie Alligator

(Words & Music By GrandBob)
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Allie Alligator doesn't like tomatoes, turnips or potatoes or fruit. . .She won't eat molasses, drink
out of glasses, 'an' never used a fork or spoon. .Her manners are atrocious,she is ferocious, snaps at everything in sight. . .Allie Alligator, I don't hate her but she gives me an awful fright

Don't blame Allie Alligator, she's not people like you. . .Don't blame Allie Alligator, for doing what alligators do.

She will dine on any old kind of critter that swims in the swamp. . Every little catfish, even this or that fish hiding in the cypress stump. . .Her appetite's voracious, goodness gracious, I never
saw a mouth like that. . .I'll steer clear, stay right here, don't wanna be an alligator snack