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GrandBob: Music Clips & Lyrics

Uh Oh Hannah

(Words & Music By GrandBob)
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Once I was visiting my little niece in Arkansas. She was just learning to talk, and it seemed that every other word was, "Uh, Oh." She inspired this song. You can substitute any child's name and sing it to them to help them understand that it's OK to mess up sometimes.
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Eat your beans, they're good for you, take a big bite, chew and chew... Have dessert when you
are through, eat your beans, they're good for you... Uh, Oh, Hannah, you dropped your spoon, no
big thing, just a little boo boo... A swipe will wipe it clean for you, everyone sometimes drops their

Drink your milk in your tumbler glass, drink it all, but not too fast... You look so funny with your
milk mustache, drink your milk in your tumbler glass... Uh, Oh, Hannah, you spilled it all, your
tumbler glass took a tumbling fall... Splashed and crashed on the kitchen wall, everyone
sometimes spills it all

Hannah, Hannah, when you do whatcha do whatcha do's O.K.... Hannah, Hannah, you'll learn a
lot from your mistakes

Playing outside is so much fun, lots you can do in the summer sun... Hop and skip and you can
run, playing outside is so much fun... Uh, Oh Hannah, you scraped your knee, fell down on the
ground running 'round me... That's all right, wait and see, everyone sometimes scrapes their

Sitting in the sandbox with your friends, shovel and a bucket made of tin... Digging up sand,
putting it in, sitting in the sandbox with your friends... Uh, Oh, Hannah, you made a mess, didn't
take off your brand new dress... That's O.K., if I had to guess, even grown ups make a mess