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GrandBob: Music Clips & Lyrics

Scratchin' Bear

(Words & Music By GrandBob)
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Let me tell you ‘bout a scratchin’ bear he scratches everywhere...From top to bottom he has got an itch beyond compare... Scratches in the morning light, still at it when the moon is bright... Scratches his nose with his toes, scratches with all his might

Scratchin’ bear, scratchin’ bear is there a reason why... Scratching bear scratchin’ bear he scratches day and night

Scratches his furry back, he’s on a scratch attack...Scratches his middle with a fiddle, I tell you it’s a fact... He’s a scratchin’ bear, he scratches everywhere... In his bed on his head, and in his underwear... Maybe if you please, he’s got a case of fleas... Or maybe not, it may be hot, or just because it feels so good... Let me tell you ‘bout a scratchin’ bear he scratches everywhere... Up and down, all around, yes he’s a scratchin’ bear