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GrandBob: Music Clips & Lyrics

Needles in My Tush

(Words & Music By GrandBob)
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I backed into a cactus, and stepped upon a snake. . He slithered out from thither, and he caused
my knees to shake. . .But after we had said "How'do" he slipped under a bush. . .And carefully I
crawled away with needles in my tush.

My friend so-called, he saw it all and laughed at such a sight. . .He didn't seem to care a bit about
my painful plight. . .I was so embarrassed, and my pride was sorely crushed. . .Knowing I had
come to this, these needles in my tush

One by one I pulled 'em out, it was a sticky chore. . .And after I had got them all my seat was
awful sore. . .Now when I tell this story it kinda makes me blush. . .Telling 'bout the day I got
those needles in my tush. . .Now you know just how I got those needles in my tush