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GrandBob: Odd Bicycle Photos

Recycled Road Bike
GrandBob's First Bike in 1947 was a J C Higgins like this
Penny Farthing in Ford Museum, Dearborn, Michigan
Tandem Built for Two
Bike pulling a Bob Trailer
Bullet Bicycle
Safety Bike Relic in Ford Museum, Dearborn, Michigan
Harley Davidson started as a bicycle company
Electric Booster Bike
Electric Booster Bike showing battery and motor
Xtracycle with long modified wheel base
Scooter Bike
Dog Bike
Second Trainer Bike
Wright Brothers Bike Shop Reconstruction at Ford Museum, Dearborn, Michigan
Recumbent with Fairing
Bike Iditarod
Recumbent Tandem
"Freak" Bike
Power Lawn Mower Bike
Road Tricycle
Hand Built Recumbent